Trustwave Spam Blocking

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ADgility Partners with Trustwave to its customers

June 1, 2005

ADgility announced today the agreement to partner with MycomPRO to offer their Trustwave Spam Blocking technology to its customers.

John Ziza, Chief Technology Officer of ADgility said, “We have been looking for a Spam blocking solution for a long time. We have tried many solutions. Our complaints have been the comprehensiveness of the solution and its ease of use. Trustwave gives us the kind of solution to the Spam problem we have been looking for.”

ADgility will begin offering Trustwave to its customers immediately.

Trustwave offers a six-level filtering system that blocks most unwanted email messages. All of these filtering levels can be easily configured as necessary to allow important messages through while blocking email from unwanted sources. Individual users are presented with a list of blocked email that they can authorize to be sent or ask that the sender be a trusted source of email.

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