Search Engine Optimization Services


ADgility offers a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Service for you to offer your clients.

Search Engine Submission Service

ADgility submits up to 5 pages of your client’s website every 2 months to the top global and regional search engines. This ensures that these search engines are aware of changes to your client’s site and refreshes the results position on the search engine.

Search Engine Result Tracking Service

This service provides monthly tracking reports to you and/or the client on search engine performance. Each keyword and site page is tracked for the major global and regional search engines on each report.

Keyword Analysis

Find out the BEST search terms that are most likely to drive visitors to your client’s website. This analysis service takes words and phrases that describe your client’s business and generates a large number of keywords and phrases that are submitted to the major global and local search engines for results. These results are then compared providing a good perspective on what keywords and phrases should be used for best results.

Website Search Engine Analysis

This service analyzes your client’s website for search engine effectiveness. Out of this analysis, a report indicating proposed changes is provided for future project work.

Site Map Services

ADgility can provide assistance in the development and submission of XML-based site maps to search engines that can use them. This new technique in search engine effectiveness tells the search engine how your site is built enabling more effective subject cataloging.

Pay-Per-Click Services

ADgility would be glad to help in the execution of pay-per-click strategies arising out of the previous services. This can be sponsored keywords on search engines or banner ad placements.

Website Traffic Analysis

To evaluate the performance of any search engine strategy it is important to measure the traffic to your client’s website. ADgility offers two traffic analysis services including standard traffic analysis reporting and website session tracking.

Search Engine Optimization Process