Digital Asset Storage and Management

ADgility has partnered with PowerFileTM to offer the award winning solution to digital asset storage, retrieval, and management that works in a Mac and PC environment.

The PowerFileTM solution gives you network access to your CD/DVD library of project files, digital photos and digitized audio and video. Combined with CumulusTM or PortfolioTM you have a storage and retrieval system that is easy to use and efficient for production work.

Some benefits of this offering:

  • Works in a mixed PC, Unix and Mac (OS 9 and OS X) environment.
  • Can hold CD’s or DVD’s in the same carousel.
  • Holds 200 CD/DVD’s per carousel.
  • Up to four PowerFilesTM can be connected to a server.
  • Integrates with CumulusTM or PortfolioTM for digital asset management. Can also operate without them for simple storage and retrieval.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration and a solution quote.

CumulusTM is a registered trademark of Canto GmbH.
PortfolioTM is a registered trademark of Extensis, Inc.