Custom Web Development and Programming

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The digital consulting group provides companies with state-of-the-art knowledge of the digital marketing industry.

It offers companies the opportunity to enter the digital marketing business without the cost of a full-time technology and programming staff. The consulting takes the form of consulting participation in project creativity sessions, client meetings and the development of estimates. Sometimes workloads can become unmanageable – ADgility can help you staff for the temporary projects that push your resources to the limit.

Custom Web Development and Programming
ADgility has a staff of experienced programmers available for every need. The staff is experienced in various technologies and can work on a project basis or hourly at your location or from the ADgility office. Our staff has extensive experience in:

Website Development
ADgility can provide services to help you program a new website, maintain an old one or add a section to an existing website. Our programmers are experienced with the major website platforms and content management systems.

Database Development
If you need a database behind the website for leads, content or products, ADgility can provide you with project resources to get it done. We have experience with many types of dynamic content development techniques and can develop custom database applications.

Flash Scripting and Multimedia Development
ADgility has professionals on staff who are familiar with the leading animation, 2-D and 3-D development tools. We have experience assisting creative departments with Flash animations including server scripting. For CD and DVD development we have experience in Macromedia Director and Authorware as well as DVD authoring tools for education, presentation and video products.

Development Technologies
This is a partial list of technologies ADgility can deliver to companies:

Web Development

  • WordPress
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • .NET/ASP
  • ColdFusion
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Flash
  • XML

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Access


Multimedia Development

  • Flash
  • Director
  • Authorware
  • 3D Animation and Rendering
  • Video Conversions
  • DVD Authoring


Other Services
Because ADgility is focused on the Marketing Communications and Advertising Industry we often find solutions to common problems. Below is a list of currently offered services for interactive marketing. Please contact us for a quote or to request more information.

E-mail Marketing Distribution Service
For those interested in developing a permission-based marketing campaign, ADgility can provide e-mail development and distribution services. We can also help develop your permission strategy. We’re sorry, we only provide this service for permission-based strategies.