Client Extranet Product

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Agency Live provides our customers with a way to have a client extranet without the cost of developing one. A client extranet is a secured area on your website that allows your clients to log in and look at project and company specific information and files.

Many companies use an FTP site for this purpose. However, an FTP site is notoriously insecure and it is very difficult to keep one client from seeing the files of another client. In addition, an FTP site is difficult to use since many people have not used one through a browser.

Agency Live solves these problems by providing an authenticated logon that directs the individual to the areas they are allowed to see. Once there, the operation of uploading and downloading files is simple and straightforward.

ADgility offers different product options for our customers based on their individual needs. First, you can purchase and host Agency Live on your company servers. In this case, ADgility charges an annual maintenance fee for product updates and support.

Our second offering is a hosted offering where ADgility hosts your extranet on a dedicated server. In this offering, ADgility charges a monthly fee.

Finally, for smaller companies, we offer a shared host version managed by ADgility for a number of companies. Each company is kept strictly separate but one hosting environment is shared to keep the cost lower. This version costs a monthly fee and is limited in space and number of users.

In the first two offerings, the extranet can be customized to have the same look and feel of your corporate website, ensuring a seamless transition to the extranet from your web site. In the shared version your logo will appear identifying your company. Use of the extranet is managed by your employees through administrative services included with the service.

Contact us for more information on this product and our 30-day free trial.