Infrastructure Services

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ADgility offers engineering and maintenance services for your internal systems infrastructure, mac and pc’s, mobile devices and well as phone and communication systems in the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio region.

Technology Assessment and Planning
The first step to improvement of your internal systems is to understand what you have. ADgility offers an infrastructure assessment to document your workstations, servers, network and software. From this we will take that information and recommend improvement projects and a support agreement for your consideration.

We can also take the infrastructure assessment one step further and develop a technology plan for your business. To do this, a management meeting is held to develop a technology vision and key employees are interviewed. A plan is developed from the management meeting, the interviews and the assessment. At the conclusion of this process, you have a technology plan developed from management principles and a project plan of technology improvements with costs and timing.

Systems Engineering Services
Our experienced staff can help you engineer upgrades to your network, servers, workstations or security. We also provide telecommunications engineering services including external network access and phone systems.

Changing locations? Let us help with the planning and engineering of the new office. We’ll make sure your needs are met and make sure everything is started up and operational when your employees come to work the next day.

Need to upgrade your conference room with the latest technologies? ADgility is here to help.

Maintenance and Support Services
Your business depends on reliable internal systems. When a server is down, the business stops and, potentially, valuable assets are lost. Do you really want your Creative Director working on a server problem when there is a pitch to be presented?

Let ADgility take care of this for you. We have certified Apple Mac support personnel, PC support personnel, network engineers and systems architects all at your disposal when needed. Problems get fixed properly and quickly.

Let us put together a support agreement for you and manage your infrastructure. That way problems are avoided as we check on equipment routinely during the month and answer user questions and problems as they occur.

Operational Services
ADgility also provides operational staff for backup or archive processing to relieve your staff of this responsibility. This can be bundled in our support agreement and ensure that you have backup of critical data and important assets are archived for later use.

Other Services
Because ADgility is focused on the Marketing Communications and Advertising industry, we often find solutions to common problems. Below is a list of currently offered services for infrastructure. Please contact us for a quote or to request more information.

Managed server hosting
Worried about a server in your office closet. Rather than build out a data center look to ADgility’s managed hosting solution. These servers are configurable and are located in a safe, secure environment.

Website Hosting
For those who need website hosting services ADgility offers this service through a reselling partnership with Hostway. We have had a long-standing partnership with Hostway and have resources at our disposal should issues arise. Why try to work these issues yourself? Look to ADgility to provide this service.

PowerFile digital asset management system
Need an easier way to access your stock photography, fonts and project files? Check out our PowerFile digital asset management system. More information.

MailMax SPAM Blocking System
ADgility now offers a SPAM blocking system that is user friendly.
More information.