About Us


Foamy is a left over prop from a sales meeting. He has been a permanent fixture since the birth of the company in 2003.

ADgilityTM is an outsource provider of technology services for the marketing communications industry. It offers services in four main areas:

  • Technology consulting and strategic planning
  • Programming production services
  • Application development, customization, maintenance, and support services
  • Infrastructure engineering, installation, maintenance, support, and operation services

The company has been specifically designed for the unique needs of the marketing communications industry. The industry has four characteristics that make it unique among other industries:

  • The historic need to focus on advertising and marketing competencies to be flexible, respond quickly and remain competitive. As a result, outsourcing is a familiar way to do business.
  • The industry itself is an outsourced service business.
  • The breadth of technology that must be leveraged for clients.
  • The multi-platform (MAC & PC) requirements of internal systems to support the creative process and conventional business processes.

The company was founded on the premise that IT service must be more than just technical expertise. Technology must operate well within the business context. When this happens, productivity is increased and the technology produces results. The founders and staff have both marketing communications experience and information technology skills. This allows them to relate customer needs to technology solutions more effectively and efficiently.


ADgility Principals

John Ziza, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Weber, Vice President, Digital Services